RevStream is about the most comprehensive online catalogue of international independent films you’ll find anywhere….and it most certainly has the biggest collection of Western Australian films for public access the West has seen. It contains more than 300 individual titles with many of them free, including all the shorts.

RevStream is designed to provide local, national and international audiences access to a world of film festival titles, most of which have screened at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival since its inception in 1997.

Since that time, Revelation has screened hundreds of short, feature, documentary, experimental, animation, horror, sci-fi, drama, comedy music films…well the list just keeps rolling along.

In the transition of 35mm and 16mm to digital forms, many of these titles are extremely difficult to find and many distributors, sales agents and other sources simply no longer exist, making access to these films even more fraught. 

But worry no more! RevStream has scoured the Revelation back catalogue from its birth to its most contemporary point, to unearth some of the finest international independent works you’ll find anywhere. 

RevStream now also includes films the festival hasn’t screened but which align to our thinking and which we hope allows filmmakers to research wide audiences nationally and internationally.

In working with filmmakers, RevStream splits any revenue from each title straight down the middle and from first dollar with these screen artists. We deduct no fees or charges, which in itself is mighty unusual in this business where any and every element of the chain seems to take a piece of the pie. We’re really happy with that equity and so are the filmmakers.

The platform adds about 6 new titles each month so there’s always something new to explore and represents a unique service for any film festival internationally…and we’re very proud of it.