Revelation Film Festival 2014


Want to experience the contemporary history of independent film seen through more than 23 years of Rev? It's right here - with many titles exclusive internationally to this site. Most have screened in the Rev program at some point from year 1 and there's a few we've garnered along the way - and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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Many of the titles are free including all the shorts and we split even with all filmmakers on charged titles...unheard of!

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We hope you enjoy the offer - we do.


Titles are available for rent or purchase. 

Rental periods vary (it's usually a week) but purchase is fundamentally forever, however should the film be constrained by other distribution arrangements at some point, the film may be removed from access. Sorry.

Purchasing the title is a stream, not a file download. It is access to that file at any time on any device. 

There is no sign-up, no database and a really simple interface.

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